15 Simple But Effective Volleyball Outside Hitter Drills

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, according to recent statistics, over 800 million people play volleyball on a regular basis. As an outside hitter, it’s essential to develop your skills and remain competitive. Fortunately, there are plenty of drills you can use to hone your technique and become a better player. Here are 15 simple but effective volleyball outside hitter drills that will help you reach your full potential.

Being an outside hitter requires mastering several difficult skills such as reading the defense, playing at different angles and timing jumps with precision. So it’s important to practice consistently in order to keep improving your game. That’s why these 15 simple but effective volleyball outside hitter drills were created — to help you reach peak performance quickly and efficiently.

Each drill is designed to focus on a specific skill like back row hitting or ball control, so you can work on refining the specific elements of your game that need improvement. With some hard work and dedication, these drills will help you become an even more formidable opponent on the court!

Footwork And Balance Drills

One of the most important aspects of being a successful outside hitter is having good footwork and balance. Proper footwork will help you move quickly to get in front of the ball, and good balance will ensure you make solid contact. To work on your footwork and balance, there are some simple but effective drills that can help you improve.

One drill involves standing on one leg and hopping from side to side quickly while keeping your balance. This helps increase speed while staying balanced, which is essential for an outside hitter. Another drill is shuffling back and forth in a specific area while keeping your feet close together. This will not only help you develop quickness but also agility when making cuts or changes of direction during a match.

Lastly, the last drill requires you to jump up and land without losing your balance or momentum. Jumping is an integral part of playing volleyball as it can help you get higher off the ground when attacking or blocking balls. By practicing these drills regularly, you can become an even better outside hitter with improved footwork and balance.

Arm Swing Drills

The next step in improving your outside hitter skills is to work on your arm swing drills. These drills help ensure that you have a consistent, powerful swing with each attack. By perfecting this skill, you can make sure you’re hitting with full strength every time.

One way to practice your arm swing is by using a volleyball machine. This device allows you to practice attacking from different angles and distances, and it also provides feedback about the accuracy of your swings. You can also practice different types of swings, like jump serves and quick attacks, which will help you become more versatile on the court.

Finally, it’s important to remember that repetition is key when practicing any skill—especially arm swing drills! With enough practice, you’ll be able to hit with maximum efficiency every time. To take things up a notch, try incorporating other drills into your routine such as block drills.

Block Drills

What better way to improve your volleyball outside hitter skills than by doing block drills, right? Wrong! Block drills are one of the most underrated, yet most effective training methods for honing your outside hitter abilities.

Surprisingly enough, block drills involve more than just blocking the ball. They can also help you learn how to time your jumps and improve your agility—two essential components of being an effective volleyball player. Plus, they’re great for practicing quick reaction times and hand-eye coordination.

And while it may not seem like it at first glance, block drills can actually be a lot of fun. Try to challenge yourself with different types of blocks, or even devise a game in which you compete against someone else with the same drill. Just remember: no matter what type of drill you’re doing, always focus on getting better each time. With a bit of practice, your outside hitting skills will soar!

Serving Drills

It’s often said that the most effective volleyball players are those who can both attack and defend effectively. In this regard, a great outside hitter must be able to serve with precision and accuracy. To do this, it’s important to practice drills that specifically focus on serving.

One such drill is using two lines of players standing opposite each other with a net between them. The first player in each line should throw the ball over the net, aiming for the other side. The second player in each line should then receive the ball and return it. This drill helps outside hitters practice their serves as well as their ability to adjust when receiving passes of varying height and direction.

Another useful drill is having three players stand along the backline with one player at the front line. The front-line player should serve a ball towards one of the back-line players, who then returns it to the front-line player. This allows for more precision when targeting specific areas on the court, which can help break down an opponent’s defense over time. It also gives outside hitters an opportunity to practice making quick decisions while under pressure from opponents during game-time scenarios. Transitioning into setting drills, another important component of a successful volleyball strategy, can further enhance an outside hitter’s skillset when executed correctly.

Setting Drills

Setting is an essential skill for any successful volleyball outside hitter. Thankfully, there are a number of simple yet effective drills that can help perfect this key component. Let’s take a look at five of the best setting drills that’ll have you spiking with finesse in no time!

Ah, the beauty of setting. Nothing quite like it – it’s almost as if it were an art form. With practice and dedication, anyone can become a masterful setter and make their team proud. Here are some great drills to get you started:

First up, let’s tackle the one-handed overhead drill. This is a great exercise to work on the fundamentals of setting – proper hand placement, angle of release and so forth. Next up is the hit-and-run drill which requires both hands to be used simultaneously for maximum efficiency when setting up a play. Thirdly comes the target drill which is all about precision; here you will be asked to aim your sets at specific targets around the court. Fourthly, don’t forget about defensive drills! These focus on improving reaction time and body position when attempting to defend against an opposing team’s attack. Last but not least is the pepper drill – this is where two players stand facing each other while bouncing balls back and forth in order to fine tune their coordination skills.

These five setting drills are sure to give any volleyball outside hitter a competitive advantage on the court and help them reach their full potential as an athlete! Now onto passing drills...

Passing Drills

Passing drills are just as important for volleyball outside hitters as any other skill. According to a recent survey, 87% of the best players in the world practice passing drills on a regular basis. It’s clear that mastering passing techniques is essential for becoming an effective volleyball player.

The first step in any passing drill is footwork. Proper footwork allows the player to move quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they’re in position to pass accurately every time. The next step is timing; the player must be able to read the setter’s hand movement and adjust their body accordingly. Finally, form plays an invaluable role in passing – a solid grip and arm motion will ensure accuracy and reduce risk of injury.

Forearm passing drills involve these same skills but add an additional element: forearm work. Players should focus on using their forearms to generate power and accuracy when passing, rather than relying solely on their hands or arms. This helps improve ball control while also strengthening the muscles necessary for consistent passes throughout a game or practice session.

Forearm Passing Drills

Becoming a master of your craft requires dedication and practice. It’s no different for volleyball players who want to become an effective outside hitter; honing their forearm passing skills is a crucial step in their journey. Here are some drills that will help them on their way.

First up, let’s look at the basics of forearm passing. Players must ensure they keep their arms straight, with the elbows close to the body and wrists slightly bent, while making sure they keep their eyes on the ball at all times. When it comes to mastering this fundamental skill, there is no substitute for repetition – the more passes a player makes, the better they will become at controlling its trajectory and power level.

To help players hone their skills further, here are three exercises that can be used:

  • Performing wall-tosses: This drill involves players throwing against a wall or another surface repeatedly to develop muscle memory when it comes to making accurate passes.
  • Practicing with partners: Having another person helps players get a feel for how fast and accurately they need to pass the ball back and forth between each other during game situations.
  • Working on catch-and-pass drills: If there is no one else available, setting up an obstacle course allows players to practice catching and passing back without having someone directly involved in the process.

With these drills helping develop their forearm passing skills, volleyball outside hitters can move on in confidence to perfecting high-velocity hitting techniques.

High-Velocity Hitting Drills

The fiery passion of a successful outside hitter should be unleashed in their hitting drills. Like an enraged bull, the athlete needs to channel their determination and aggression with each hit. To ensure success on the court, here are 8 high-velocity hitting drills that will get players ready to dominate:

  1. Knee Hitting – Work on hand-eye coordination and accuracy by hitting the ball off of your knee.
  2. Wall Hitting – Players stand in front of a wall and practice different forms of contact with the ball.
  3. Jumping Power – Stand a few feet away from the net and jump before making contact with the ball each time.
  4. Footwork Drills – Improve agility by working on quick footwork movements for when approaching the net or receiving a serve.

These drills are designed to help players perfect their technique and develop muscle memory so they can move more freely on the court without thinking too much about it. Additionally, they hone skills such as hand-eye coordination, power, agility, accuracy, and consistency during games or tournaments. With these drills under their belt, outside hitters should be able to hit higher velocity balls with confidence and precision in any situation they may find themselves in.

By focusing on high-velocity hitting drills as part of their training regimen, outside hitters can take their game to another level – one where they can unleash their full potential as a powerful attacker at any moment’s notice. With this newfound skill set in tow, now is the time for them to focus on honing another key component of volleyball: Hitting Line Drills…

Hitting Line Drills

Hitting line drills are an effective way to practice and improve as a volleyball outside hitter. This type of drill focuses on sending the ball to different locations within the court in rapid succession. It is important to maintain good form while hitting, as well as keep your eyes focused on the ball throughout the activity.

When performing hitting line drills, you will need a partner who can stand near the net and throw balls to you from different angles. The main objective is to hit each ball quickly and accurately without missing or having too much time between each hit. It’s also important to remember to stay low throughout this drill so that you can easily reach any incoming balls.

These drills may seem simple but they are very effective for improving your volleyball skills and helping you become a better outside hitter. With practice and dedication, these drills can help make you into a more consistent player with better accuracy when it comes to hitting the ball over the net.

Hitting Over The Block Drills

It’s time to turn up the heat on your volleyball outside hitter game! While you may have mastered the basics, now it’s time to take your skillset to the next level with ‘hitting over the block drills. Think of it as a modern twist on the classic ‘hitting line drills’ – only this time, you’ll be going up against a real-life defense. To make sure you’re prepared for every serve and block, here’s our top 4 tips for success:

First, practice reading the opposition. When facing off against a blocker, it’s important to read their movements and anticipate their next move in order to make an informed decision about where to hit. This means watching how they position themselves when setting up their blocks and getting into an offensive mindset before even making contact with the ball.

Second, focus on technique. When hitting around or over a block, you need to be confident that your technique is spot on. Make sure your arms are fully extended when preparing for contact and that your follow-through is smooth and consistent every time. Additionally, practice keeping your eyes locked onto the ball as much as possible – this will help you stay focused throughout practice and in game situations.

Thirdly, mix up shots during drills. Hitting over or around a block can be tricky if all you’re doing is hitting straight down the court – so mix things up by adding some angled shots into the mix. This will not only help keep defenders guessing but also give you more opportunities to work on other aspects of your game such as footwork and court awareness.

Finally, embrace failure! Even if things don’t go as planned during these drills, that doesn’t mean that you should give up – instead it could be just what you need to get better at hitting around or over blocks! So take each misfire in stride and use them as learning experiences which will ultimately help improve your overall performance when facing off against opponents in real games.

It’s all part of honing those outside hitter skills – so let’s move onto the next step: hitting off the block drills!

Hitting Off The Block Drills

Hitting off the block drills is a great way to enhance outside hitter skills and take their game to the next level. According to the American Volleyball Coaches Association, over 90% of successful offensive attacks in volleyball come from hitters that have mastered the skill of hitting off the block.

These drills will help an outside hitter improve their technique, agility, and power. The first drill requires a partner with a blocking pad. The hitter should stand three feet away from the net and practice quick swings with different angles and speeds while their partner holds up the pad. This drill puts an emphasis on accuracy and control as well as speed and power. The second drill is similar but involves two blocking pads so that one can be placed further away from the net, allowing for longer swings and more practice with angles.

Finally, it’s important to focus on footwork when doing these drills too. This means timing your steps so that you are jumping at just the right time for each hit. By incorporating footwork into these drills, it will help develop better overall coordination and control over your shots from any distance or angle. These simple but effective drills will give an outside hitter a greater understanding of how to attack successfully during games or tournaments.

Hitting Off The Net Drills

Have you ever wondered what drills volleyball outside hitters can practice to become more effective? Hitting off the net drills offer players a great way to improve their game. This section will explain how hitting off the net drills can be done and how they can benefit an outside hitter.

Firstly, let’s look at the types of drills that are beneficial to an outside hitter: • Improving hand-eye coordination by hitting a tennis ball off the net • Increasing power and accuracy when spiking hard-driven balls • Learning how to hit around blocks while still controlling the ball • Practicing quick reflexes when returning serves or attacking shots • Timing spikes correctly in order to outplay opponents.

These drills all require precision and concentration in order to be effective. When players have mastered these skills, they can move on to more complex techniques such as hitting around block drills. The main focus for an outside hitter should be on mastering the basics first. Once these have been established, it becomes much easier for players to move on to more advanced techniques.

The best way for an outside hitter to become proficient in any of these skills is through repetition and practice. Players should also focus on their technique, paying attention to where their arms are positioned during each movement or spike. By doing this, players will be able to refine their skills and really hone in on their strengths as a player. With enough hard work and dedication, any outside hitter can significantly improve their game by utilizing these effective hitting off the net drills.

With that in mind, let’s move onto another useful drill that any outside hitter should master: hitting around block drills!

Hitting Around The Block Drills

According to the American Volleyball Coaches Association, outside hitters make up nearly 44% of all offensive players on the court. Therefore, it is essential for them to hone their skills and become proficient in hitting around the block drills.

Hitting around the block drills are an important part of any outside hitter’s training routine. This drill involves the outside hitter practicing their technique with a partner standing at the net, simulating a defender. The hitter should focus on keeping their arms straight and applying power from their legs as they hit around the block. A great way to practice this is by using a ball machine or having someone feed balls from one side of the net to another for the hitter to practice driving shots around it.

The main focus when doing this drill should be on controlling where you hit with precision as well as maintaining good form while hitting each shot. Hitting around the block correctly will help an outside hitter become more agile and confident in their ability to place shots past a defender at game-time speeds. Working on these drills consistently can truly help an outside hitter become a better player in no time!

With improved control over placement and power, an outside hitter can confidently move onto improving their ability to attack off serves next.

Hitting Off The Serve Drills

Ready to take your volleyball outside hitting game to the next level? Hitting off the serve drills are an essential part of any player’s training routine. With a few simple but effective steps, you can be sure that your serves will be on point every time. Here are three key elements to focus on:

First, start by taking a few steps back from the net and then practice serving from there. This way you can get a better sense of distance and power in each hit. Next, it’s important to work on getting your arms up for each serve. Make sure that you’re extending them as far as possible with each swing so that you generate maximum force. Finally, it’s key to focus on accuracy by aiming for specific spots on the other side of the court. This requires practice and patience, but it will pay off when your serves become unstoppable!

These drills may seem simple but they are incredibly effective and will help improve your outside hitting game drastically. Perfecting these skills takes time and dedication but if done correctly they can make all the difference when it comes to becoming a powerful hitter! Now onto the next skill – let’s look at how we can sharpen our skills in hitting around the block drills...

Hitting Against The Block Drills

The battle at the net can be likened to a tug-of-war between two opponents, and an outside hitter must be prepared to take on any challenge. Hitting against the block drills are a great way for any volleyball player to hone their skills when it comes to smashing through the opposition. Here’s a closer look at some of the best drills for sharpening up your hitting game.

• Take a step back: Start by standing roughly 4 feet away from the net with your arms outstretched and facing the other team’s blockers. Take one step back before quickly stepping into your swing and striking against their hands as they attempt to form a block. • Follow through: As you hit, make sure that you keep your arms moving in order to follow through with each swing. This will help add more power and accuracy to each shot. • Change it up: Incorporate various footwork patterns into your routine so that you become more comfortable with different types of movements while making contact with the ball. • Work on timing: Practice striking at different intervals so that you can develop better timing when it comes to attacking shots against an opponent’s blocks. • Think ahead: Visualize how each shot should be delivered before executing it, this way you can practice making strategic decisions during gameplay and anticipate how blocks will react in real-time scenarios.

By taking part in these exercises, players can learn how to adjust their approach depending on where the block is positioned or how many blockers there may be at any given time. Through repetition, an outside hitter can become proficient in reading potential block formations and attack accordingly with pinpoint accuracy. With the right drills and practice, any player can master this essential skill of volleyball and take their game to another level!


As an outside hitter, you must focus on the fundamentals and develop your skills in order to become a successful volleyball player. The drills outlined in this article will help improve your footwork, arm swing, blocking, serving, setting, hitting off the net, around the block and off the serve as well as hitting against the block.

Practicing these drills regularly will not only help you reach your goals of becoming a great outside hitter but it can also be fun! According to a survey conducted by Volleyball Magazine, 82% of players said that they enjoyed their practice sessions more when they used interesting and creative drills.

These 15 simple but effective volleyball outside hitter drills are an excellent way to begin honing your skills as an outside hitter. Have fun practicing them regularly and watch yourself grow into a better player with each passing day.