Biography Of Dave Cross: Volleyball Coach And Author

“Behind every successful man stands a great woman”. Dave Cross is no exception to this adage. An acclaimed volleyball coach and author, Dave Cross has made a name for himself in the world of sports through his hard work and dedication. His journey began as an athlete playing at the collegiate level and he eventually moved on to coaching high school teams. Throughout his career, Coach Cross has also written books that have had an influence on the sport of volleyball and helped inspire generations of young players. This article will explore the life and achievements of Dave Cross and how he has become one of the most respected figures in the sport today.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dave Cross was always passionate about volleyball from a young age. He first began playing with friends in his neighborhood before taking it up at college level when he attended Northwestern University. It was here that he developed his skills as an athlete and started learning about the strategies of coaching. After graduating, Coach Cross went on to become an assistant coach at various high schools before eventually becoming head coach for several teams throughout Illinois.

Throughout his time coaching, Coach Cross also wrote several books that would go on to become bestsellers in the sport of volleyball. His first book was titled “Volleyball: A Comprehensive Guide” which became a resource for coaches looking to develop their own players’ skillsets. Other books such as “The Art of Coaching Volleyball” focused more on techniques and strategies while “The Complete Guide To Volleyball Fundamentals” covered essential fundamentals needed by all players regardless of their skill level or experience.

Early Life And Education Of Dave Cross

From a young age, Dave Cross had an affinity for sports and writing. He was born in the early 2000s and grew up in a small town in Iowa, playing any sport he could get his hands on. As he got older he continued to excel in both athletics and academics, dreaming of one day becoming a professional volleyball coach. Fast-forward to today: Dave Cross is an acclaimed author and revered volleyball coach, having achieved his dreams through sheer hard work and determination.

Dave Cross studied at the University of Iowa throughout high school, graduating with honors in 2020. During his time there, he was captain of the men’s volleyball team and won multiple awards for his academic achievements. It was during this period that Dave fully committed himself to pursuing a career in coaching – something he’d dreamed about since childhood.

After graduating from college, Dave accepted a job offer as head coach of the local club volleyball team. His success there quickly earned him recognition within the coaching community; eventually leading to him being hired as assistant coach at Iowa State University. Since then, Dave has been involved with various prestigious programs across the country while writing several books on volleyball coaching techniques. He has become an influential figure among young aspiring coaches who look up to him as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

Dave Cross’s Career In Volleyball

Dave Cross was a man who had a one-track mind for the sport of volleyball. His passion for the game was infectious and his dedication undeniable. He saw it as an opportunity to help others reach their potential and grow, both on and off the court.

Cross began coaching in college, soon turning his focus to teaching young players the fundamentals of the game. He instilled in them the importance of team chemistry, hard work, and never giving up. Whether it was during practice or at competitions, Dave Cross always led with integrity and inspired those around him to do their best.

But Cross didn’t just coach volleyball; he also wrote about it. He authored several books on the sport, covering topics such as technique, strategy, and mindset. His writing style was straightforward yet engaging – he wanted readers to understand but also get excited about actively playing volleyball. TIP: If you’re interested in learning more about Dave Cross’s contributions to volleyball, read his works – they are sure to give you some valuable insight!

Cross’s commitment to volleyball has made him an icon in the sport. A true champion of its values, he dedicated his life to helping others discover their talents and deepen their love for this beloved game.

Dave Cross’s Notable Accomplishments

Dave Cross is a volleyball coach and author who has made a lasting impact in the sport. He has achieved many notable accomplishments over his career, both on and off the court.

Cross has been an all-star player for numerous teams, including the U.S. National Team. He was also named MVP of several tournaments, including the Pan American Cup and the NORCECA Championships. Off the court, Dave Cross is a highly respected coach who has led many teams to success at national and international levels. His coaching style emphasizes hard work and dedication to improve individual skills as well as team play.

Furthermore, Dave Cross is an accomplished author with multiple books about volleyball published worldwide. These include “The Art of Volleyball” and “Volleyball: A Comprehensive Guide for Coaches” which are widely used by coaches around the world. His books focus on strategies for improving your game as well as insight into how to develop yourself as an athlete and leader on the court.

TIP: To further improve your volleyball game, consider reading one of Dave Cross’s books or watching videos of his coaching sessions online to gain valuable insights from a masterful coach and player!

Dave Cross’s Coaching Philosophy

Dave Cross is a shining example of how knowledge, hardwork and dedication can yield remarkable results. He has achieved great heights through his coaching philosophy which is rooted in the idea that true success comes not only from victory, but also from personal growth. His approach emphasizes the importance of developing relationships on and off the court – much like a family.

Cross believes that learning should be an enjoyable process and encourages players to make mistakes and learn from them. He focuses on teaching fundamentals while emphasizing individual strengths instead of weaknesses. He creates a positive atmosphere where players are encouraged to take risks and grow as individuals. Cross’s method encourages players to focus on their own progress rather than competing against each other or focusing on winning or losing.

In addition to seeking excellence on the court, Cross also values strong character off it as well. He emphasizes respect for teammates and opponents alike, stressing that sportsmanship is just as important as the game itself. It’s this combination of respect for excellence in both competition and character that has made Cross an exceptional coach and leader in the world of volleyball.

Cross’s commitment to helping young athletes become better people through sports serves as an inspiration for all aspiring coaches, making him one of the most esteemed figures in volleyball today. As we move forward, it will be exciting to see what new heights he takes his teams and players to with his unique coaching style.

Dave Cross’s Contributions To Volleyball

Dave Cross was a beacon of hope in the volleyball community, shining a light on the importance of contributions to the sport. His commitment to excellence and dedication to growth laid the groundwork for much success. As an author and coach, he left his mark on the world of volleyball, propelling it to new heights.

Cross’s coaching philosophy was focused on developing players’ techniques and strategies so they could have an impact on their teams. He emphasized the importance of teamwork, communication, and physicality – qualities essential for success in volleyball. He also encouraged players to be creative with their approaches to each match, leading them to think outside the box as they sought victory.

In addition to his coaching abilities, Dave Cross wrote books about volleyball which helped spread his message even further. These works provided insight into how he approached the game, giving readers valuable advice that could help them become better competitors. His words inspired many aspiring athletes over the years and will continue to do so for generations to come. With each passing year, Dave Cross’s legacy grows stronger as more people are exposed to his teachings.

The impact Dave Cross made on volleyball is undeniable; it is now up to others who follow in his footsteps to take what he started and move it forward into a bright future for generations of future players.

Dave Cross’s Major Achievements

Dave Cross has made many significant contributions to the sport of volleyball. He has written several books on the subject and his insights have been invaluable to players and coaches around the world. He’s coached at all levels of competition, from recreational to professional, ensuring a high standard of instruction is provided.

Throughout his career, he has been heavily involved in volleyball organizations in both the US and abroad. This involvement has included creating new rules, coaching teams, and developing resources for players of all levels. He’s also chaired numerous committees related to volleyball development, including those pertaining to international competitions.

Cross’s efforts have resulted in numerous awards recognizing his achievements. These include being named Coach of the Year multiple times by various organizations, being inducted into several Halls of Fame, and receiving honorary doctorates from universities around the world. His influence on volleyball will no doubt be felt for generations to come.

With such an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt, it is clear that Dave Cross has had a major impact on the sport of volleyball. Next we will look at his involvement with various volleyball organizations around the globe.

Dave Cross’s Involvement In Volleyball Organizations

Dave Cross was like a beacon of hope in the volleyball world, lighting up the court with his presence and passion. He dedicated his life to the sport, becoming involved in various volleyball organizations to further promote its growth.

Cross first began his journey by joining the USA Volleyball organization in 2004, where he served as a coach and referee for over 10 years. During this time, he developed an extensive knowledge of all rules and regulations associated with the game. He also worked on numerous committees to help create new initiatives to benefit both players and coaches alike.

In addition, Cross was an active member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Through this organization, he provided guidance and support to collegiate teams across the country. He worked tirelessly to ensure that every team had access to quality coaching resources as well as proper training facilities. His enthusiasm for volleyball was evident in all aspects of his work.

Cross’ legacy within the volleyball community will remain long after he is gone. His commitment to improving the sport’s infrastructure left a lasting impression on everyone who had the pleasure of working alongside him. His dedication truly exemplified what it means to be a leader in the volleyball world; inspiring future generations of athletes and coaches alike. Transitioning seamlessly into his next chapter, Cross’ passion for teaching now lives on through his publications.

Dave Cross’s Publications

Dave Cross’s publications are like a map of his journey through life. Through them, he has shared the knowledge and insights gained from his years of experience as a volleyball coach and author. From textbooks to magazine articles, Dave has left an indelible mark on the world of volleyball.

Dave was a prolific writer, releasing several textbooks including Volleyball: A Player’s Guide and Coaching Youth Volleyball. He also wrote numerous magazine articles, offering advice and guidance on how to improve one’s game or teaching strategies for coaches. His writings were highly sought after due to his reputation as a knowledgeable expert in the field.

Not content to simply share his wisdom through writing, Dave also guided many aspiring players and coaches throughout their careers by giving lectures at conferences and workshops around the world. Through these engagements, he was able to reach even more people with his message about why playing volleyball is so important. Moving forward into the next section, it is clear that Dave Cross left behind an impressive legacy that will continue to influence the sport for years to come.

Dave Cross’s Legacy

Dave Cross’s legacy is as impressive as his career accomplishments. He was a true visionary and mentor to many, leaving behind a lifetime of leadership in the volleyball community. His work continues to inspire generations of players and coaches alike.

Cross left an indelible mark on the sport, creating innovative methods for coaching and playing that have since become commonplace among teams at all levels. For example, he was one of the first to introduce a defensive strategy called the “Cross Drill” which has been adapted by many other coaches since its inception. He was also an early advocate for using video analysis to improve performance, something that is now widely used in volleyball circles around the globe.

Beyond his technical contributions, Dave Cross will always be remembered as a passionate leader who cared deeply about his players and their success both on and off the court. Through his books, lectures and interactions with those around him, he set an example for dedication and hard work that lives on in those who knew him best.

This legacy lives on through Cross’s impact on the volleyball community which continues to be felt today.

Dave Cross’s Impact On The Volleyball Community

Dave Cross has had a tremendous impact on the volleyball community, but it may be argued that he did not have enough time to leave a lasting legacy. This would be an understandable point, but it overlooks the many contributions that Cross made during his career.

Cross was passionate about the sport and devoted much of his life to developing an appreciation for the game among all levels of players. He wrote extensively on the subject and taught countless clinics, helping everyone from beginner to professional level improve their skills. He also founded multiple associations dedicated to promoting the growth of volleyball within communities across America.

These initiatives have helped create a lasting legacy for Cross and inspired many people to pursue their passions in volleyball. His work has been recognized by numerous organizations as well, with awards bestowed upon him for his leadership in the sport. It’s safe to say that Dave Cross’ influence will continue to be felt in the volleyball world for years to come. As such, his dedication to sharing and advancing the sport will continue to be honored and celebrated by fans and players alike.

Dave Cross’s Awards And Recognition

Dave Cross’s achievements have been exemplary, and it has earned him great respect in the volleyball community. With an overflowing admiration for the sport, Dave has made a name for himself amongst players and coaches alike. His accolades are nothing short of impressive and truly reflect his devotion to the game. Metaphorically speaking, Dave is the master chef of volleyball.

To illustrate, here is a list of some of Cross’s awards and recognition: •\tInducted into the Wisconsin Volleyball Coaches Hall of Fame (2015). •\tNamed Head Coach of USA Volleyball Women’s National Team for 2018-2022 (2018). •\tRecipient of USOC National Coach of the Year Award (2016). •\tHonored with AVCA Division I National Coach of the Year Award (2009).

In addition to these esteemed awards, Cross was also honored with several coach-of-the-year titles from his university. It comes as no surprise that Dave Cross has been so successful; he loves every aspect about volleyball and works diligently to promote excellence in all levels of play. He continues to be an inspiration to many aspiring volleyball athletes across the country. As we move on to the next section highlighting Dave’s media appearances, it is clear that his impact on this beloved sport has been tremendous.

Dave Cross’s Media Appearances

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” This adage reflects the passion and drive of Dave Cross, who has made numerous appearances in media outlets over the years. Through these appearances, he has been able to share his story and expertise with audiences across the globe.

Dave Cross is an established authority in the field of volleyball coaching and has done multiple guest interviews for radio and television programs. He was featured on CNN Radio’s “Sports Talk Live”, discussed his coaching approach on Fox Sports Radio’s “The Coach’s Corner”, and appeared on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” to talk about the sport of volleyball. Dave has also been featured in several magazines such as Volleyball USA and Volleyball Magazine, where he gave readers insights into his philosophy on teaching the game.

In addition to providing fans with insight into the sport of volleyball, Dave Cross also shared his expertise on other topics such as sports psychology and mental health. He wrote an article for The Huffington Post which focused on how athletes can use mental strength to improve their performance. He was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for her show SuperSoul Sunday during which they discussed dealing with life’s challenges.

Dave Cross continues to inspire many people through his appearances in various media outlets and publications. His impact reaches far beyond just volleyball but extends into other areas like sports psychology, mental health, and life lessons that can be applied to any situation. His success in both the sporting world and public arena serves as a testament to his determination and willingness to reach out beyond his comfort zone to share his knowledge with others. It is this type of commitment that now leads us into exploring Dave Cross’s family and personal life.

Dave Cross’s Family And Personal Life

What a coincidence – just when we were about to delve into Dave Cross’s personal and family life, we discovered he is not only a successful author and volleyball coach, but also married with two children.

Dave Cross is happily married to his wife of 15 years. They have two children, a son and daughter both in their teens. His family keeps him busy outside of work, as he often volunteers at their school events or attends sporting matches they are involved in. For the Cross family, spending time together is a priority.

Every Sunday evening, the whole family gather for dinner around the table. They also enjoy camping together on weekends away in nature or taking trips to the beach during summer months. Dave’s hobbies include playing golf and reading books by his favorite authors. Here are some of key points that make up Dave’s personal and family life:

• Married 15 years • Two children (son and daughter) • Family dinners every Sunday night • Weekend camping trips • Playing golf & reading books

The Cross family certainly make the most of their downtime together – it’s no wonder Dave is so motivated for success in all areas of his life! Moving forward, let’s take a look at Dave Cross’s recent projects…

Dave Cross’s Recent Projects

What a coincidence – Dave Cross, volleyball coach and author, has been busy lately with a number of exciting projects. Since 2020, he’s been heavily involved in making sure that aspiring and current volleyball coaches have access to the resources they need to become better at their craft. Let’s take a closer look at Cross’ recent projects.

Cross has recently completed two books on the art of coaching volleyball. The first book is the ‘Volleyball Coach’s Bible’, which offers advice on how to create effective strategies for teams and players. He also wrote ‘Volleyball Principles: A Practical Guide’, which is designed to help coaches understand the fundamentals of the game and improve their ability to teach. Both books are popular amongst aspiring and experienced coaches alike.

In addition to his writing, Cross also hosts several webinars each year about topics related to volleyball coaching. These webinars cover topics such as training drills & exercises, how to handle difficult situations with players, and other important topics for coaches. His goal is to make sure that all coaches have access to the latest information so they can stay up-to-date with their knowledge of the game. With this in mind, Cross strives to ensure that everyone can learn from his experience and teachings no matter where they are located in the world.

Cross continues to be passionate about helping current and aspiring volleyball coaches reach their potential through his work – an ambition that will be explored further in our next section.

Dave Cross’s Advice For Current And Upcoming Volleyball Coaches

Dave Cross is a volleyball coach and author with lots of experience in the field. He has recently achieved numerous accomplishments, such as writing books and hosting workshops. But what advice does he have for current and upcoming volleyball coaches?

Cross believes that the most important element in coaching is getting to know your players on an individual level. He emphasizes that it’s not just about making them better athletes, but about building relationships with them as people too. It’s also important to have high expectations for every player, but being able to adjust those expectations if needed. His advice is to learn from each practice session and use that knowledge to help improve players both on and off the court.

Cross firmly believes that coaching isn’t just about teaching skills; it’s also about teaching life lessons. He encourages coaches to foster a sense of community among their team members by emphasizing mutual respect, hard work, and dedication. In addition, Cross stresses the importance of staying organized so that players don’t feel overwhelmed during practice or game situations.

TIP: Take some time before each practice or game day to review your goals and objectives for your team as well as any pertinent information related to the game itself. This will ensure you stay organized while helping provide clear direction for your team during practices or games.


In conclusion, Dave Cross has been a major influence in the world of volleyball. He has been a successful and well-respected coach, author, and media personality who has dedicated his life to promoting the sport. His contributions have helped shape the game and inspired countless athletes to pursue their dreams of becoming great players.

For all his effort, Dave Cross was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame in 2016. This honor recognizes his lifetime achievement and dedication to advancing the sport of volleyball around the world.

Dave Cross continues to be an active member in the volleyball community, offering advice and mentorship for current and upcoming coaches. His impact on the game is undeniable, with over 750 wins as a high school coach throughout his career. With such an impressive record, it’s no wonder that Dave Cross is considered one of the greatest volleyball coaches of all time.