Back Row Hitting: Tips And Drills For Attacking From The Back In Volleyball

The back row in volleyball is like a playground for attackers. The court opens up in front of them, and the possibilities seem endless. It’s an opportunity for players to unleash their power and finesse all at once, mixing together a cocktail of aggressive hits and drop shots to keep the defense on their toes. That’s why back-row hitting is such an important skill for any player who wants to take their game to the next level. In this article, we’ll look at some tips and drills that can help you become a master of attacking from the back row. So get ready to be inspired by the power of this incredible offensive move!

What Is Back Row Hitting?

The back row in volleyball is a vast expanse of court, just waiting to be conquered. It’s a daunting task – after all, the back row is where the power hitters and defensive stars dominate. But for aspiring volleyball players, learning how to attack from the back row is essential for success on the court.

Back row hitting is an integral part of every team’s offense because it can create a more dynamic approach to scoring points. When used properly, back row hitters can surprise opponents and put pressure on their defense with creative attacks that would not be possible if they were limited to only front-row players. Moreover, back row hitters provide an invaluable opportunity for teams to score points even when their opponents are expecting traditional front-row attacks.

But attacking from the back row isn’t quite as simple as it seems – this skill requires practice and dedication. It’s important to focus on developing good technique in order to maximize power while minimizing errors. Additionally, it’s important for teams to develop drills that challenge players and help them become comfortable with attacking from various positions on the court.

These tips and drills will help players learn how to effectively attack from the back in volleyball so they can take their game to the next level. By honing these skills, teams will be able to use their entire court space efficiently and gain an edge over their opponents on any given play.

Why Is Back Row Hitting Important In Volleyball?

Back row hitting is often the most overlooked and underrated skill in volleyball. It is a crucial part of the game and can be the difference between victory and defeat. To illustrate this point, consider the story of a championship-winning team who had a powerful back row hitter who was able to score or block shots from any position on the court, no matter how far away from the net they were. This player’s ability to attack from the back row was integral in their winning streak.

In volleyball, being able to attack from all areas of the court is essential because it adds another layer of unpredictability for the opponent. Back row hitting also allows a team to set up other attackers more effectively and create more opportunities for successful points. Additionally, it gives players on the court more space to move around freely without worrying about blocking shots directly in front of them.

Some key fundamentals of back row hitting include: • Having good posture • Utilizing arm swing techniques • Mastering footwork • Practicing patience when waiting for an opening • Developing quick reflexes

Having strong fundamentals will give players more confidence when attacking from any position on the court, allowing them to make smarter decisions and increase their chances of scoring points. With these tips and drills, players will be better equipped to handle any situation that comes their way during a game. Knowing how to attack successfully from both near and far distances will give teams an added advantage as they look to take home a victory.

The Fundamentals Of Back Row Hitting

The fundamentals of back row hitting are essential for any player looking to take their volleyball skills to the next level. It is important to understand how to approach and attack from the back row in order to maximize your potential. With the proper technique and drills, you can become an effective back row hitter.

First, it is important to focus on your footwork. You must start in a balanced position with your feet staggered and shoulder-width apart. This will help you move quickly into a lunge position as you get set to attack. You want to make sure that your arms are ready and that you’re facing the target as you take off into the air. From here, you can begin your arm swing, making sure that your arms are extended and that they follow through after contact with the ball.

Once you have mastered these basics of back row hitting, it is time to work on power and accuracy. To do this, practice setting up different shots around the court and focus on aiming for specific targets each time you hit. This will help build confidence in your ability as well as sharpen your skills in terms of controlling where the ball goes once it makes contact with your hand.

By honing in on these fundamentals of back row hitting and continuing to practice them over time, players can develop the necessary skills needed for successful attacking from the back row of a volleyball court. With consistent effort and dedication, any player can become an effective attacker from this position! Now we’ll look at how best to set up for back row hitting.

Setting Up For Back Row Hitting

Once the fundamentals of back row hitting have been mastered, setting up for success is the next step. It’s important to remember that a successful back row hit starts with proper body positioning. The feet should be wide and low to the ground in order to provide a stable base from which to launch an attack. The arms should be held high with the elbows bent and away from the body. This will help create a powerful arm swing when it comes time to strike the ball. A player’s entire body should remain relaxed until they are ready to launch their attack, as tight muscles will make it difficult to move quickly and efficiently.

Having a strong mental game is just as important as having good technique when performing back row hits. During practice, players should focus on making smart decisions while attacking, such as choosing when and where to hit the ball based on their opponent’s positioning. Being aware of all players on court will also help ensure that each hit is made with purpose and accuracy. Visualizing themselves succeeding can also help build confidence for when it’s time for them to take their shot in an actual match.

With these tips in mind, players are sure to feel more confident heading into any back row situation. After mastering proper footwork, they’ll be well on their way towards becoming an expert at attacking from behind!

Footwork For Back Row Hitting

The fifth step in back row hitting is footwork. Many volleyball players underestimate the importance of proper footwork for an effective attack from the back row. In fact, did you know that up to 50% of successful hits come from proper footwork? It’s essential to get your feet in the right position before hitting, and this begins with a solid approach.

When approaching the ball, you want to move quickly without losing balance or sacrificing form. You should be able to adjust mid-approach in order to hit any part of the court. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your weight is distributed evenly across both feet. As you reach the ball, take off one foot and use it to help propel your body upward into a powerful jump.

Once you’ve jumped up, keep your feet together as much as possible so that you can land more easily on two feet for quick recovery. This also helps prevent injuries like ankle sprains or other joint issues from occurring due to poor landing technique. If performed correctly, this sequence should give enough time for an effective attack from the back row while avoiding potential injury risks associated with improper footwork. From here we can now shift our focus on getting into the correct hand position for attacking from the back row.

Hand Positioning For Back Row Hitting

To launch an unstoppable attack from the back row, hand positioning is key. Like a bowstring ready to let loose an arrow, hands should be cocked and ready to strike. When attacking from the back row, it’s important to keep in mind that your arms act as an extension of your legs. Thus, getting into proper position is critical for success.

Starting with the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, players should aim their palms towards their target while keeping their elbows pointed outwards and down. This allows them to create the most power when making contact with the ball. To ensure proper hitting form, coaches often ask players to look down at their hands during drills or game situations. Additionally, having your fingers spread wide apart can help generate more force when making contact with the ball and increase accuracy when aiming toward a specific spot on the court.

In order to make a successful attack from the back row, having your hands in the right place is essential. With proper hand positioning and technique in place, athletes can hit with power and precision no matter where they stand on the court – allowing them to take control of any match situation! As such, mastering this step is key before moving onto timing and arm swing for back row hitting.

Timing And Arm Swing For Back Row Hitting

It’s often said that timing is everything in volleyball. So, it stands to reason that mastering the timing and arm swing for back row hitting is key to successful attacking from the back. But, how true is this theory? Let’s take a closer look.

The truth is, timing and arm swing are crucial elements of back row hitting. The key lies in developing a powerful approach with an explosive arm swing that generates enough force to get the ball over the net. In order to be effective, you must use your whole body and create a consistent rhythm between your feet and arms as you move forward and into the attack.

Developing good timing and arm swing takes practice, so it’s important to put in the necessary reps on a regular basis in order to maximize your success. This means focusing on exercises that emphasize proper footwork, hand placement and coordination of all parts of your body during each hit. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to perfect your technique so you can become an effective attacker from the back row.

Mastering timing and arm swing will make it easier for you to improve your vision when attacking from the back row – our next topic of discussion.

Improving Your Vision For Back Row Hitting

Although some might assume that being able to hit from the back row in volleyball is a skill that is out of reach for most players, improving your vision for back row hitting can actually be quite achievable with practice. By mastering the basics of back row hitting, such as timing and arm swing, and then developing control and consistency in the technique, you will be well on your way to becoming an effective back row attacker.

To get started, it’s important to understand the different aspects of back row hitting that are involved in improving your vision:

  • Posture: keeping your body upright and balanced throughout the attack
  • Footwork: taking short steps as you approach the ball
  • Visual cues: focusing on where you want to hit the ball before it is set

Having good posture while attacking from the back is essential because it allows you to quickly move into position and react faster to any changes in the direction of the incoming ball. Additionally, having good footwork enables you to move quickly without over-exerting yourself or losing balance. Finally, focusing on visual cues helps you identify where exactly you want to hit the ball before it is set. This allows you to adjust your approach mid-air if needed so that you can accurately direct your attack.

By honing these skills and paying close attention to how they interact with each other during a game, players can become more confident when attacking from the back row. While this confidence comes with experience, following these tips will help beginners gain a better understanding of how vision plays an important role in successful back row hitting. With practice and patience, players can develop greater control and consistency when attacking from the back – paving their way towards becoming an excellent back row attacker.

Developing Control And Consistency In Back Row Hitting

Controlling and being consistent with back row hitting involves having an effective approach to the ball and understanding how to hit it effectively. For example, when attacking from the back, it’s important to make sure you’re in line with your target and have your arms up before attempting to hit the ball. This helps ensure that you have a solid foundation for a successful attack. Additionally, practice is key when it comes to developing control and consistency in back row hitting. Taking the time to focus on drills like shoulder-to-shoulder hits or footwork drills can help you hone your skills and become more reliable in executing attacks from the back row.

When looking for ways to improve control and consistency in back row hitting, focus on improving body posture, footwork, arm swing mechanics, timing and rhythm of movement, as well as hand placement on the ball when hitting. To do this, you’ll want to start by focusing on just one or two of these elements at a time before adding more complex movements into your practice routine. Doing so will help develop muscle memory so that when it comes time to hit from the back row during a game, you’ll be able to do so with greater confidence and accuracy.

With a few simple changes in technique and some practice time devoted specifically towards honing these skills, players can vastly improve their control and accuracy while attacking from the back row. From there they can move onto adding power into their hits while still maintaining that same level of control and consistency they’ve been striving for – an important combination for any volleyball player!

Adding Power To Your Back Row Hitting

Adding power to back row hitting can be a daunting task. It requires technique, strength, and agility. But with the right drills and practice, you can make your back row hitting more powerful. Here are some tips on how to do it:

First off, it’s important to understand how to generate power from your body. You need to use your core muscles, as well as your arms and legs, in order to generate power when executing a swing. To maximize power production, focus on pushing off the ground with your legs while swinging through the ball with arms extended.

Second, utilize correct hand positioning for maximum force behind each hit. Your hands should be lined up in an open position with palms facing outward and fingers extended away from each other. This creates an angle that helps increase the velocity of the ball when it is hit.

Thirdly, practice drills that will help you develop proper mechanics for a more powerful hit in back row situations. Focus on using quick feet movements and rapid arm swings during drills such as ‘Shadow Swing’ or ‘Power Step. By practicing these drills consistently, you can become more confident in your ability to generate power from the back row of the court.

With these tips in mind and a bit of practice under your belt, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful back row hitter! Next we’ll look at some specific drills that can help improve back row hitting performance even further.

Practicing Drills To Improve Back Row Hitting

Ready, set, attack! Improving your back row hitting is the key to becoming a great volleyball player. With the right drills and practice, you can be sure to make a powerful impact from the back row. Like shooting stars in the night sky, let’s explore some ways to hone your skills and become a better hitter.

As with any sport, practice makes perfect when it comes to improving your back row hitting. Drills are an essential part of mastering this skill and developing strength and accuracy in your hits. To help you get started on your journey to success, here are some drills that can help you sharpen up:

Firstly, work on your approach and arm swing by running steps while making sure to keep your arms straight. Secondly, focus on timing by bouncing the ball off the wall or net as if it were being hit over the net by an opponent. Lastly, use a partner to practice setting and spiking as if they were playing against you in a game situation.

These drills will give you an excellent foundation for honing your back row hitting abilities. Working on different techniques such as hand positioning and reading opponents can also help take your game further forward. Now that you’ve got some tips for practicing drills, let’s explore how mental preparation plays an important role in successful back row hitting.

Mental Preparation For Back Row Hitting

Taking on the challenge of back row hitting is almost like a mountain that needs to be conquered. It requires intense mental preparation, focus and dedication to ensure success. For any player looking to excel in this area, they must first equip themselves with the right attitude and outlook. Here are some essential steps for getting mentally prepared for back row hitting:

• Visualize yourself succeeding: it is important to take time to imagine yourself performing well and achieving your goals. This will help you focus on what is within your control, while staying positive in the face of adversity.

• Acknowledge the difficulty of the challenge: understanding the level of difficulty involved in back row hitting can help you stay motivated when things get tough. It also gives you an opportunity to appreciate how far you have come in your journey as a player.

• Celebrate small wins: recognizing when you make progress towards your goal is key for maintaining momentum and keeping yourself motivated. Even if it’s something small, like accomplishing a difficult drill or making an impressive shot from the back row, celebrate it!

• Prepare yourself emotionally: being emotionally prepared means understanding how you will react when faced with different scenarios during a match. Being aware of both positive and negative emotions helps you remain resilient and focused throughout a game.

Having established the importance of mental preparation, players should also be aware of common mistakes they can fall into while attempting back row hitting.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Back Row Hitting

When attacking from the back row in volleyball, there are a few common mistakes to avoid in order to be successful. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind:

• Check your body position: You should always make sure your feet are set, your arms are ready, and you’re balanced before attacking. • Keep an eye on the ball: It’s essential that you watch the ball all the way through its trajectory so that you can adjust your approach if necessary. • Focus on technique: Make sure you use proper form when swinging and that you don’t rely too heavily on power. • Stay relaxed: Attacking from the back row can be intimidating, but it’s important to stay calm and focused before and during your swing.

All these tips will help ensure that you’re prepared for any situation when attacking from the back row. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can go a long way towards developing good habits and improving your game. With this knowledge, it’s time to move onto learning strategies for attacking from the back row in volleyball.

Strategies For Attacking From The Back Row In Volleyball

Attacking from the back row in volleyball is a superpower! If you can master the art of back row hitting, you will be an unstoppable force on the court. Here are four strategies to help you get there:

  1. Focus on your approach and arm swing. Your approach should be low and quick with a high knee lift, while your arm swing should involve full extension and reach.
  2. Aim for consistent contact when attacking from the back row. Make sure to make contact with the ball at the same spot every time so that it goes exactly where you want it to go.
  3. Develop your power by working on core strength exercises like planks and Russian twists. This will help you generate more power when attacking from the back row, which will lead to more successful hits!
  4. Utilize drills like ‘6-3-1’ or ‘4-2’ which focus on accuracy and precision when attacking from the backrow, rather than just power.

With these strategies in place, you’ll be ready to rock your next game! Now that you have a good understanding of how to attack from the back row, let’s take a look at the equipment that can help maximize your back row performance even further!

Equipment To Maximize Your Back Row Hitting Performance

When it comes to back row hitting in volleyball, having the right equipment can make a world of difference in your performance. This section will cover three pieces of equipment that can maximize your back row hitting performance.

First and foremost, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of volleyball shoes that are specifically designed for the court. Shoes with extra cushioning and support will help prevent injuries while providing better grip and stability on the court. Additionally, be sure to find shoes with good traction so you can quickly move around the court and jump higher when attacking from the back row.

Next, a quality volleyball is essential for successful back row hitting. A well-made volleyball should have an even weight distribution and a textured surface for optimal control when setting or spiking from the back row. The stitching should also be tight so that it doesn’t easily unravel after multiple uses.

Finally, don’t forget about protective gear like kneepads and elbow pads to keep yourself safe during practice or game play. For example, elbow pads can help protect your arms from bruising due to repetitive contact with the ball when performing overhead sets or attacks from the back row. Kneepads are also important for cushioning your knees as you crouch or dive on hard surfaces during drills or games.

To maximize your back row hitting performance, here are 3 essential items you need: • Good quality volleyball shoes • Quality volleyballs • Protective gear such as elbow pads and kneepads In short, having the right equipment is vital if you want to improve your skills as a back row hitter in volleyball. Investing in these items will ensure that you stay safe while giving yourself an edge over other players on the court.


The ability to attack from the back row in volleyball is an invaluable skill. When perfected, it can give a team the edge over their opponents and lead to victory. All of the tips and drills outlined in this article will help players hone their skills for successful back row hitting.

It takes practice and dedication to develop the necessary skills for successful back row hitting. Players must also maintain a positive mental attitude and equip themselves with the proper tools to maximize their performance. With patience, hard work, and proper technique, any player can master back row hitting.

Successful back row hitting is a testament to a player’s determination and commitment to excellence. It requires focus, dedication, and perseverance that will be rewarded with success on the court. The satisfaction of watching your ball fly over the net after executing a perfect back row hit is one of the greatest joys of playing volleyball – so keep practicing!