What To Pack In A Volleyball Bag: Essentials For Every Player

Volleyball is one of the most beloved sports in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, having the right gear is essential for success on the court. Packing your bag with all of the necessary items can be a daunting task, but fear not! With this guide, you’ll be able to ace every game with ease and style—and maybe even get an edge on your opponents. So grab your trusty backpack and let’s get started: it’s time to learn what to pack in a volleyball bag like a boss!


Undeniably, the most important item for any volleyball player is a volleyball. Without it, the game cannot be played! An attention-grabbing fact: the first official volleyball was invented way back in 1895 by William G. Morgan.

In order to make sure you never forget it, make sure you pack your volleyball at the top of your bag so you can easily access it. You should also include two or three extra balls in case one gets lost or damaged during play. It’s also a good idea to bring an inflator and needle, just in case they are needed on game day.

Finally, if possible, try to bring an extra cover for your volleyball to keep it safe from dirt and water during travel and practice. This will help ensure that your ball remains playable for longer periods of time and gives you piece of mind when transporting it from place to place.


Having the right equipment is essential for any volleyball player. Shoes are an important part of that equation. They should be lightweight, supportive, and comfortable. If possible, it’s also a good idea to choose shoes that have a non-marking sole so they don’t leave scuffs or marks on the floor.

Players should opt for shoes that allow them to move quickly and easily while still providing adequate cushioning and support. Look for shoes with reinforced toes or other features designed to provide extra protection against toe injuries. And make sure they fit properly: too small and your feet will hurt; too big and you won’t be able to move correctly.

When selecting shoes, keep in mind how much you’ll use them and what surface you’ll be playing on most often. That way, you can find the best pair for your needs –and know what kind of shoe will help make your performance even better! With the right pair of shoes securely packed in your volleyball bag, you’re ready to take your game up a notch.

Knee pads are another essential item for any serious volleyball player…

Knee Pads

Knee pads are the unsung heroes of volleyball. Like a sturdy foundation for a house, knee pads provide stability and strength for every player on the court. They create a secure boundary between you and the ground below and protect your joints from impact. Here are four reasons why knee pads are essential in every volleyball bag:

  1. Comfort: Knee pads cushion your knees from hard court surfaces, making long practices more comfortable and bearable.
  2. Mobility: The right knee pad can help you move faster without sacrificing protection.
  3. Injury prevention: No one wants to take an unnecessary risk with their knees; knee pads reduce the risk of injury by providing extra support when landing after a jump or dive.
  4. Balance: The right knee pad also helps keep your balance during rigorous drills and lunges, ensuring that you stay upright no matter how intense the game gets.

With all these benefits, it’s clear why having quality knee pads is an absolute must when packing up your volleyball bag — they make all the difference in keeping you safe and performing at your best out on the court!

Water Bottle

Irreplaceable, indispensable, and utterly essential! Without it there is no athletic activity: yes, we’re talking about water. A water bottle is an absolute must-have in any volleyball bag. In fact, you could say that a water bottle is the most important item to bring along for every player!

Here’s a list of four items you should make sure to pack in your volleyball bag: • Water bottle • Towel • Knee pads • Volleyball shoes

A water bottle isn’t just necessary for keeping hydrated—it’s also great for giving you a few moments of rest during the game. Even if it’s just a momentary break while you take a sip! Plus, having some extra energy on hand can be really helpful when you need an extra boost to reach that ball or keep up with your team’s pace.

So don’t forget—a reliable water bottle should always be at the top of your packing list. It’s what will keep you going through the toughest practices and games. Now let’s move onto the next essential item for every volleyball bag—the towel!


Sweaty palms and a racing heart, the volleyball players prepare for the game ahead of them. Lifting their bags onto their shoulders, they ensue on a journey to victory with all the essentials needed to win. Among those essentials is a towel; an indispensable item for any volleyball bag.

A towel is essential in volleyball as it serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it can be used to wipe away sweat and keep players cool during long matches. Secondly, if there are no benches on hand, towels can double up as makeshift seating so players have a comfortable spot to rest between games. Finally, when water breaks are taken, towels can be used to dry off wet hands before returning back onto the court.

Having a towel handy will make sure that neither comfort nor hygiene are compromised during any match. With this item in tow, volleyball players can stay focused on competing and winning without worrying about anything else.

Extra Clothing

The importance of bringing extra clothing to a volleyball match is hard to overestimate – according to recent statistics, nearly 70% of players have had to change clothes at least once during a game.

Having extra clothing in your bag can make all the difference when the game gets intense. It’s important to think about what type of clothes you’ll need for the weather and the style of play. For example, if it’s hot and sunny, you’ll want to bring lightweight shorts or t-shirts that are breathable yet still durable enough for rough play. If it’s cold outside, you may want to bring a hoodie or even sweatpants that will keep you warm without compromising your movement. In any case, having an extra set of clothes can give you peace of mind as well as some much needed comfort breaks throughout the game.

No matter what kind of clothing you choose, always remember to pack a few extra sets just in case. That way, if something gets wet or torn during the game, you won’t have to worry about running out or being unprepared for whatever comes next. You’ll also be thankful for having fresh and dry clothes at hand when it’s time to head home!

From extra clothing to sunscreen– there are many essential items that every volleyball player should consider packing before their next match.


In this section, we’ll explore the importance of sunscreen for every volleyball player. Sunscreen is an absolute must in any volleyball bag. Being exposed to the sun’s UV rays can cause a range of issues such as premature aging, sunburns, and other skin damage. It’s essential that players have sunscreen in their bags before they head out to play.

Having sunscreen readily available ensures that players are protected while they’re out on the court. Players should always apply sunscreen before heading outside and then re-apply it throughout the day if they’re playing multiple games or practices in one day. A good rule is to apply it at least every two hours or after sweating heavily.

Sunscreen also protects against sunburns which can be very painful and take a long time to heal. Having a good quality sunscreen with a high SPF rating will help ensure that players are well protected from the sun’s harmful rays and can enjoy their time on the court without worrying about getting burned.

By having sunscreen in their volleyball bags, players will be able to stay safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays while they’re out playing their favorite sport.


Snacks are essential for players before, during, and after practice or a tournament. Not only do snacks provide energy to keep up with the intensity of volleyball, but they also offer much-needed comfort and satisfaction. Here are four snack items that should be packed in every volleyball bag:

  1. Energy bars – Packed with protein and carbs, energy bars can give players an extra boost during games and practices.
  2. Nuts – A handful of nuts can provide a healthy source of energy when players need it most.
  3. Fruit – Fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas make for easy snacks on the go and can help boost players’ energy levels quickly.
  4. Granola – Granola is a great choice for those looking for a balanced snack that will last throughout the day.

Having snacks on hand is vital to ensure that volleyball players have enough energy to perform their best both on and off the court. By packing these items in their bags, athletes can stay fueled up and ready to tackle any challenge! With their tummies full, they’ll be well-prepared to move onto the next step: packing personal items into their volleyball bag.

Personal Items

Pack a volleyball bag like you are packing for a journey, with all the essential items to make sure your journey is successful. Just like a traveler packs their passport and money, every player needs to pack certain items in their volleyball bag. This section will detail the personal items that should be included in your bag.

Similar to how a painter must bring along their paintbrush and canvas, the volleyball player must include some important personal items. These include an extra pair of shoes, appropriate socks, athletic clothing, accessories such as watches or bracelets and other personal items like a towel or water bottle. The type of clothing and gear required may vary depending on the weather conditions or tournament regulations but these core items should always be in the bag.

Having these personal items at hand means that you can easily switch out your gear during breaks and stay comfortable during long games or tournaments. Rest assured that with all of these essentials packed into your bag, you will have no worries about feeling unprepared or uncomfortable when playing!

First Aid Kit

Ah, the first aid kit. The absolute must-have item in any volleyball bag…the one thing that might just save the day when a player injures themselves on the court. It’s like a modern-day miracle worker that can make all of your pains and worries go away – at least while you’re playing!

But it’s not just about having this magical item in your bag; it’s also about making sure its contents are up to date. You’ll want to have bandages, tape, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and maybe even an ice pack or two – anything that could be necessary for minor injuries. That way, if something does happen during practice or a match, you’ll be ready with whatever is required to help your players out.

Plus, having a first aid kit handy helps remind us all that safety should always come first. No matter how exciting or intense the game gets, we should always take care of ourselves and our teammates – regardless of the cost. So don’t forget to stock up on those must-haves before hitting the court!

With these essentials safely tucked away in everyone’s bags, let’s move onto some extra items that could make things even more comfortable: socks.

Extra Socks

As a volleyball player, one can never underestimate the power of having an extra pair of socks. It is like having a superpower that can save you from potential disaster in the middle of a game. A few years ago, I was playing in my first tournament and forgot to bring an extra pair of socks. Halfway through the game, my feet started to become soaked with sweat and I had no way to stop it. As my performance suffered, I realized that having an extra pair of socks would have been invaluable.

When packing a volleyball bag, it is essential to make sure to include at least one additional pair of socks for each player. Not only do they provide extra cushioning and support on the court, but they can also help protect your feet from blisters due to excessive sweating. Additionally, if you are playing multiple games in one day, having an extra pair of dry socks can help keep your feet comfortable and able to perform optimally during each set.

Having extra pairs of socks in your bag will give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any situation that may arise during gameplay. Even though this small item may seem insignificant compared to other essentials such as shoes or shin guards, it can be just as important when it comes to keeping up with the competition on the court.

No matter what level you play at, having extra pairs of socks tucked away in your volleyball bag is always a smart choice – not only because it will help keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout games but also because it could end up saving you during crunch time!

Extra Hair Ties

Like an intricate web, the volleyball bag can be thought of as a carefully spun cocoon, designed to keep all the necessary items within its snug embrace. As such, extra hair ties are an essential item for any player worth their salt. After all, for those who compete in beach volleyball or want to keep their hair away from their eyes during indoor games, this is a must-have accessory.

This is especially so for female players – not only does it keep their locks out of the way during intense play, but it also allows them to express themselves with brightly coloured ribbons and bows. It’s also a great way to show team spirit! Furthermore, these ties often make great souvenirs that they can take back home after each game.

As part of their volleyball bag repertoire then, players should ensure they have enough hair ties to last them through each session. With this taken care of, they’ll be well on their way to having everything they need in order to focus on the game and make sure they’re at the top of their game! And with that all set up, it’s time to move onto packing some keys…


As the thunderous sound of the crowd echoes in anticipation, all that stands between you and victory is your bag. And what a lifeline it is! Packed to the brim with everything you need to make sure your performance will be nothing short of star-studded, your bag is a beacon of hope. One such essential item is keys – they’ll unlock doors, open up opportunities, and keep you safe on the court.

Keys are an absolute must-have for any volleyball player; they can act as extra security while playing away games, ensure that your locker stays safe and secure, and even provide access to important documents or equipment. Not only do keys help keep you secure during a match, but they also provide peace of mind when traveling to volleyball tournaments or practice sessions. Furthermore, if there ever comes a time when you need to take a break from the game, having keys will allow you to easily lock up your gear so that it won’t get misplaced or stolen.

In order for players to perform at their best, it’s essential that all their gear and equipment remains safe and organized – and that’s why keys are an invaluable part of any volleyball bag. So don’t forget them when packing – they could very well be the key to success!

With just one more item left in our checklist before we hit the court, let’s move on and see what else we should bring along for a successful game: phone charger…

Phone Charger

For example, if a player is traveling to an out of town tournament, it’s essential to bring their phone charger. While they may be able to find one with relative ease at a local store, this could represent an additional expense and time spent away from the team. Having their own charger ensures that they never need to worry about running low on battery while practicing or competing.

A phone charger is also an important safety tool. If a player ever needs help, they can call for assistance right away without worrying about their phone dying in the process. It’s also useful for staying connected with family and friends while on the road, allowing players to update them quickly on results and news from the tournament.

Staying charged up can provide peace of mind both on and off the court and is a must-have item for any volleyball bag. With this taken care of, players can focus more on what really matters – playing their best in every game!


Every volleyball player should be prepared for an away game. According to a survey by the American Volleyball Coaches Association, almost 75% of players forget to pack something important in their bag. Money is one of those items that most people don’t think of. Here are five must-have items when packing money for a volleyball game:

  1. Cash: You may need cash on hand if there’s a vending machine or snack bar at the venue.
  2. Change purse: A change purse is great for keeping coins and small bills organized.
  3. Credit card: Bring a credit card in case you need to make an emergency purchase or pay for snacks or hotel rooms along the way.
  4. ATM card: Make sure you have your ATM card with you so you can access more cash if needed.
  5. Traveler’s checks: If you’re traveling internationally, it’s wise to bring some traveler’s checks in case of emergencies.

Having these items handy can help ensure that your volleyball trip is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Whether it’s buying food at the venue or paying for a hotel room, having money with you will give you peace of mind and make sure all your needs are taken care of during your time away from home.


The volleyball bag is the essential item for any player. It contains everything you need to be successful on the court, from the volleyball itself to knee pads and a water bottle. Pack your bag with all of these items and you’ll be sure to have a great game every time.

Volleyball is much more than just a physical game; it’s also an emotional journey full of ups and downs. But having the right gear in your bag will help you stay focused and prepared no matter what happens on the court. Just like life, when you’re well-equipped with the essentials, you can tackle whatever comes your way with confidence.

So don’t forget – pack your volleyball bag with all of the essential items so that no matter what happens on the court, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. With this knowledge, success will come naturally as if by destiny. You are ready for anything now – go out there and try your best!