16 Expert Volleyball Outside Hitter Tips

Picture this: You’re on the court, ready to receive the ball. Your heart is pounding as you position yourself, waiting for your chance to make an amazing play. What will it take for you to become an expert volleyball outside hitter?

It’s no secret that becoming a pro in any sport takes dedication and hard work. But if you want to reach the level of an expert volleyball outside hitter, there are certain tips and tricks that can help get you there faster. So what are these 16 expert volleyball outside hitter tips? Read on to find out!

The key to becoming an expert volleyball outside hitter lies in mastering the fundamentals and honing your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, these tips can help sharpen your offensive power and put you one step closer to success on the court.

Understand The Basics Of Outside Hitting

Outside hitting is like the keys to a castle; it is the most important part of playing volleyball. To be an expert outside hitter, one must understand the basics that make up this crucial skill. It is like learning a language – without mastering the fundamentals, you won’t get far.

The first step in becoming an expert outside hitter is to familiarize yourself with the different types of shots available to you. You need to know when to use each type of attack and how to adjust your technique accordingly. You should also work on developing a consistent arm speed and proper footwork so that you can move quickly and maintain control over the ball at all times.

Finally, practice makes perfect! Investing time in honing your technique will help you become an excellent outside hitter. Make sure you focus on specific aspects of your game such as hand-eye coordination, form, and timing. With enough practice and consistency, you’ll develop the confidence necessary for success on the court. The next step is to develop a power serve that will give defenders fits!

Develop A Power Serve

Elevating one’s volleyball playing capabilities to a higher level is no easy feat. To become an expert outside hitter, mastering the power serve is essential. In order to utilize this skill, it’s important to understand its importance and purpose.

One of the most impactful aspects of a power serve is that it can be used as a tactic to put opponents on the defensive side. It can also change the dynamics of the game by putting your team at an advantage early on and neutralizing the other team’s strategies. As such, developing a reliable power serve gives players both an offensive and defensive edge they can use to their benefit.

To successfully perfect this stroke, players should focus on practicing proper technique and mechanics during their training sessions. This includes using the right body position, arm motion, and release angle when serving. Additionally, working on strength building exercises for arms and legs will help increase the force behind each serve so it can travel further across the court with more accuracy.

With dedication and practice, mastering the art of setting up powerful serves can prove beneficial in helping achieve success as an expert outside hitter.

Master The Art Of Setting

Setting is as much an art form as it is a skill. It’s almost like painting a masterpiece on the court – one that requires a steady hand, keen eye and precision to get the ball just right. To master the art of setting, here are four tips:

  1. Keep your eyes focused on the hitter at all times so you can anticipate where they’re going to hit.
  2. Position yourself in such a way that allows you to quickly move into position for a good set up.
  3. Practice setting drills with your team regularly so you can become more comfortable and confident in your setting skills.
  4. Learn how to read the hitter’s body language so you can adjust your sets accordingly.

By honing these skills and keeping them sharp, any aspiring volleyball player can become a master setter in no time! Setting doesn’t have to be intimidating – with practice and patience, anyone can set like an expert! From here, we’ll look at how to utilize the jump serve which is another great way to help your team succeed on the court.

Utilize The Jump Serve

An important component of an outside hitter’s game is the jump serve. Being able to effectively execute this move can give you an edge over your opponents. Here are a few tips to improve your jump serve:

  1. Work on your arm swing and toss so you can get more power and placement behind the ball.
  2. Focus on maintaining balance throughout the movement, as it is key to getting the most accuracy, height, and spin out of your jump serve.
  3. Practice regularly in order to become comfortable and consistent with the skill.

By mastering the jump serve, you can put yourself in a better position to score points for your team during a match. From here it is essential that you work on improving your footwork so that you can move around the court with agility and precision.

Improve Your Footwork

Taking your volleyball game to the next level requires a combination of superior skills and dedication. Improving your footwork is an important part of this process.

Having good footwork can give you a leg up in the game, so to speak. Whether you’re playing at the amateur or expert level, having a solid foundation can make all the difference in your performance. Spacing yourself appropriately when receiving or attacking the ball is key. Developing quick feet and sharp reflexes will help you stay one step ahead of your opponents. Working on agility drills such as bounding, shuffling, and sprinting will not only enhance your speed but also improve your coordination and balance.

Making sure you have proper technique when it comes to footwork is essential for successful play. Pay attention to how you move around the court and practice with purposeful movements that will be beneficial during games. With consistent practice, you’ll be able to optimize your footwork so that it becomes second nature on the court.

These steps are just one part of becoming an expert volleyball outside hitter; strengthening your arm swing is another!

Strengthen Your Arm Swing

As the old adage goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’ To become an expert outside hitter in volleyball, one must practice and hone their skills. Strengthening your arm swing is a key part of that process.

Arm swing is the motion of your arms when you are hitting the ball. It should be powerful and accurate to give you the maximum power and accuracy when hitting the ball. To strengthen your arm swing, focus on building strength in your shoulder muscles, as well as flexibility in your elbow joint. This can be done through exercises such as shoulder presses, lateral raises, and triceps extensions. Additionally, work on improving your coordination by practicing drills like shadow swinging or using a medicine ball to simulate a real game situation.

It is also important to practice visualization techniques while performing these drills. Visualize yourself executing each drill with correct form, power and direction before actually attempting it. Visualizing a successful arm swing will help you establish good habits for when you’re playing in an actual match. With consistent practice and focusing on strengthening your arm swing, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert outside hitter!

Improve Your Spiking Technique

An essential part of being an outside hitter is having good spiking technique. To improve your spiking, you should focus on your hand positioning and the timing of your jump. When you take off from the floor, be sure to keep your arms extended, with your hands directly above the ball. This will give you more power when you swing at it. Additionally, try to time your jump so that you’re in the air just before the setter sets the ball.

To further hone this skill, practice by setting a stationary target and swinging at it multiple times with different hand positions. If possible, have a coach or teammate watch you as they can provide tips and feedback on what to improve. It’s also important to stay focused during practices and games; visualize yourself hitting successfully as this will help strengthen your muscle memory and increase accuracy.

With enough practice, you should be able to confidently spike balls with precision and control. From here, it’s time to work on your forearm pass which is another key skill for an outside hitter…

Work On Your Forearm Pass

Forearm passing is an important skill for any outside hitter to master. The ability to pass the ball in a consistent and accurate manner will give your team a competitive advantage. To work on your forearm pass, begin by focusing on the basic mechanics of passing: keep your arms and hands close together, use your wrists to snap outward as you pass, and focus on keeping the ball low and away from the blockers. Practicing these fundamentals will help you develop a strong, reliable passing technique.

Then move on to more advanced drills that will help you develop even further. Practice passing while moving, or try to direct passes into specific parts of the court. This will help build accuracy so that when it comes time for game day, you’re comfortable placing passes anywhere on the court with precision.

Finally, work with teammates to simulate game-like situations in practice and put your newfound skills into action. Playing against different opponents can be a great way to identify areas of improvement and gain new insights into your own technique. With practice and dedication, you’ll be ready to take your forearm pass game to the next level and become an even more formidable outside hitter.

Developing your blocking skills is another important component of becoming an expert volleyball player…

Develop Your Blocking Skills

Blocking is an integral part of the game of volleyball and, as such, developing one’s blocking skills should be a priority for any outside hitter. Blocking not only helps to put the defense in a better position to succeed, but it also puts pressure on the opposing team’s offense. It requires good timing, quick reflexes, and an understanding of where the ball is going.

When working on your blocking skills, it is important to focus on footwork. Having proper positioning and good technique is key when attempting to make a block. You should also practice reading your opponents’ setter and anticipating which direction they are likely to hit the ball. Finally, you should work on being able to quickly adjust your body position in order to best defend against any given attack.

With practice and dedication, you can become a more effective blocker and help your team win more games. Taking the time to fine-tune your blocking skills will pay dividends both now and in the future. As you refine your blocking abilities, you will be able to put yourself in advantageous positions that will lead to more successful blocks and ultimately more points for your side.

Fine Tune Your Digging Skills

Digging skills are the foundation of any volleyball game, and it’s essential to fine tune them if you want to become an expert outside hitter. It’s like manipulating the strings of a puppet – you have to master the skill in order to move your body just right and make the perfect dig.

Like a pearl diver exploring the depths of the ocean, searching for buried treasure, an outside hitter must be prepared for anything and focused on their technique. To help you understand this fundamental skill, let’s take a look at three key elements:

  • Attitude: You need to stay positive and keep your head in the game no matter what. This requires honed focus and determination.
  • Hands: A good grip is essential when digging a ball – use your fingers instead of palms, as this will give you better control over the ball.
  • Positioning: The most important element here is to know where you should be on the court in order to get ready for each play.

With these three elements in mind, perfecting your digging skills shouldn’t be too difficult. Keep practicing and don’t forget that even small mistakes can make all the difference in a match! With enough practice, you’ll be able to read opponents quickly and react accordingly – setting yourself up for success.

Learn How To Read Opponents

Learning how to read opponents is the most important skill an outside hitter can possess! It’s the most powerful tool in their volleyball arsenal, a skill that can be the difference between success and failure on the court. It’s absolutely essential for any serious player aiming to take their game to the next level!

There are several ways to hone this critical ability:

  • Utilizing Visual Cues: Intently watching your opponents movements, body language and facial expressions so you can predict what they’re going to do next.
  • Reading Opponent Strategies: Observing your opponent’s strategies over time and figuring out what they’re likely to do in a given situation.
  • Knowing Your Opponents: Having a thorough understanding of your opponent’s playing style and strengths; recognizing how they position themselves on the court, how quickly they react, etc.

Putting these techniques into practice will give an outside hitter invaluable insight into their opponents’ thinking and decision making process. This knowledge can help them anticipate plays before they even happen – giving them an edge over their competition and allowing them to stay one step ahead at all times. With this newfound confidence in reading opponents, players can then begin to develop strategies to score points with ease.

Develop Strategies To Score Points

When it comes to volleyball, scoring points is the name of the game. As an outside hitter, it’s important to be able to develop strategies to score. This could include learning how to hit different angles, understanding when and where to attack, and reading opponents’ movements.

Learning how to read opponents’ movements can give you the upper hand when it comes to creating strategies for scoring points. Pay attention to their formation and watch for any changes in their body language or positioning. If they move back on defense, you may have an opportunity to attack the net. If they’re moving forward quickly, then perhaps a quick set or dump might be your best bet.

By developing strategies that work with your team dynamics and taking into account your opponent’s moves, you can become a more effective scorer as an outside hitter. So take time to practice and experiment with different tactics that will help you score efficiently and effectively. With the right strategy in place, you can increase your chances of winning matches by outscoring your opponents. Now that you have a better understanding of developing strategies for scoring points, it’s time to look at ways of improving your concentration and focus.

Improve Your Concentration And Focus

Attention to detail is an essential attribute of any successful athlete, and volleyball players are no exception. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. However, in order to truly reach the highest level of play, you must be able to focus and concentrate during a match. As Yogi Berra famously said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up someplace else.” For an outside hitter in volleyball, this means having a clear vision for each point and for the match as a whole.

Improving your concentration and focus starts with setting goals for yourself before each game or practice session. Think about what specific skills or strategies you want to focus on and how you can improve them during that particular session. Additionally, it’s important to stay mentally engaged throughout the entire game by actively analyzing your opponents’ tactics and adjusting your own strategy accordingly. This will help ensure that all of your energy is focused on getting better instead of letting your mind wander during long rallies or timeouts.

You should also use visualization techniques such as imagining yourself playing at peak performance levels or making successful shots before they happen. Visualizing success can help boost confidence while also allowing you to anticipate what might come next on the court. With intentional practice and mental visualization techniques, outside hitters can take their games to the next level!

Implement Mental Visualization Techniques

Mental visualization is the secret weapon of many elite athletes. It’s like a mental muscle that you can train with practice and discipline to reap powerful results. It’s a technique for creating images in your mind about what you want to achieve on the court.

Visualization can help you get into the zone before a match or rally, as well as during it. You can use it to imagine yourself in your ideal playing position or executing shots perfectly. This helps build confidence and focus, so when the time comes to perform, you’re ready.

By taking some time each day to visualize yourself playing better, you are giving yourself an edge over your opponents. Visualization can help reduce stress and anxiety by allowing you to mentally rehearse difficult situations in advance. Once you have mastered this technique, it will become second nature and help you make improvements on the court without even trying.

Listen To Your Coach And Train Hard

It’s important to take your coach’s advice and put in the hard work. Training is essential to becoming a great outside hitter. You need to spend time on the court and off, honing your skills and perfecting your technique. Listening to your coach will help you make the most of your training sessions and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from them.

You should also pay attention to what your coach tells you during matches. They can provide valuable insight into what you’re doing well and what needs improvement in order for you to become a better outside hitter. This can help give you an edge over other players on the court as you’ll know exactly what moves will help you succeed.

Finally, it’s important to remember that success as an outside hitter doesn’t happen overnight; it takes dedication, focus, and hard work. Although it may feel like progress is slow at times, staying persistent with your training and following your coach’s advice will eventually lead to improved performance on the court.


When it comes to becoming an expert volleyball outside hitter, practice is the key. Through hard work and dedication, players can master the art of setting, develop a power serve, and improve their footwork. Furthermore, by implementing mental visualization techniques and listening to their coaches’ advice, players can gain a better understanding of the game and learn how to score points. Finally, with improved concentration and focus on the court, any player can become an accomplished outside hitter.

So if you want to be an elite volleyball player don’t “cut corners” on your training; instead strive for “the gold standard” in your performance. Put in the time and effort to sharpen your skills through practice, mental preparation and listening to your coach. With these 16 expert tips in mind, you will find yourself quickly rising up the ranks as one of the best outside hitters around!